Monday, 20 February 2012

A gold digger in blue and purple

After being sick for a few days I'm back. And a bit stressed, as this photo reveals:

It was late afternoon when I took it so it's not daylight and the colours aren't too good.

In summer I started a habbit of making Monday my Dress Your Best day, after a blog challenge launched by the Academichic blog. Now I want to revive it. And today I've tried to bring attention to my waist. I think it's my best feature, making my silhuette very feminine.

Last week I started out with this dress that I'm for some reason not that happy with:

On Tuesday I was back in my favorite winter skirt, and a new cardigan:

There's a bow on the back. It's very similar to another of my cardigans, only this one is made of a thicker knit, and it hasn't got lace on it which I rather like.

To go with the cardigan I have bought this pair of shoes:

They are from Irregular Choice - as always - and the most comfortable shoes ever! Now we just need to get over the winter weather.

I did a few more "bargains"....

I have been obsessed with all things gold for months now. Last summer I experimented with gold nail polish. I hope these new nail wraps will be even better.

Now I just need a bit of time to apply the wraps. It's not going to be this week as my schedule is absolutely crazy. Hopefully there will be time to consider how I dress in the morning, and time to take photos in the afternoon.


  1. I like the idea of "dress your best monday". It sort of sets the mood for the week. I think that dress you have is lovely. It looks very feminine. I have the hardest time finding dresses like that. And, I love that skirt. It has a nice layered look and it seems like it would be comfy. I hope you enjoy the press on nail color, let us know how it works out.

  2. Hi Tine,

    I am glad that you are better and that you have found some time to update your blog. I really like the dress on you. I think it is flattering for the waistline. Have you tried to wear your bolero with it? Could you tell us about the shoe sizes at irregular choice are they similar to Danish shoes sizes, like compared to Ecco? I felt in love with a pair of maroon colored pair of shoes named Windsor (at sale). I don't know if you did see it in one of my latest post but the top cover from Essie is really magic. My nails stayed nice for a week and then I had to remove the nail polish because my nails had grown not because the nail polish had become chafed. Take care! Anna

  3. Thanks both! The dress will live a little longer then. The skirt is really easy to wear, with a mock grey layer showing a the bottom. The dress is from Monsoon UK, and two years old.
    I'll try to pair it with the bolero soon.

    The Irregular Choice shoes come in European sizes and are very true to size. Some have a bit more room, like they are a bit wider, not longer. But usually they are soft and easy to walk in, and always cute!So if you fit Ecco you should fit these too, in the same sizes (7=40...)

    About the nail wraps: I'll post a picture I found somewhere on the internet during last summer...