Saturday, 2 February 2013

Arm candy and pink outfit

Imogen Lamport at the Inside Out Style blog has come up with a style challenge called Fabruary Style Challenge. It's interesting because every day has a dressing theme.

The different themes will force you to try some very different outfits, colours and fabrics. It's not like my life isn't challenging at the moment!

However, being in extremely busy every day is such a great excuse for not dressing your best. So, this way I'm forcing myself to come up with interesting outfits, fast!

The first day's theme was arm candy - hardly a challenge at all! Here's my first arm (can't remember if it's called left or right!)

New bangles plus old gold one

And surprisingly I also wore a few on the other arm!

All old bangles

If you want to see the dress I was wearing wit the arm party - look at this (remember you can click the photo to get it enlarged):

Some favorite colours here!

This dress is quite interesting from the back too:

Hope you can see it although it's a bit dark

Friday's theme was pink, and that wasn't really a challenge either! I would have worn my pink skirt, had the weather not changed back to freezing during the night. Now it's a jeans based outfit, but with a lot pink.

Should I get some pink boots too?

Pink has been a favorite colour of mine for a long time, and I do have lots of pink items in my wardrobe. No boots though, and no pink jeans - but who knows....

Beloved gold coloured bangle

You probably recognize the gold coloured bangle from the precious outfit. It's a favorite even though it's torture getting it on and off. It's too small.

It hurts my hand so much getting it on that my hand swells so I'll have to wait a while before taking it off again.I've been looking for a larger replacement for years now, without luck!

Jeans outfit made less boring with pink

So far this Fabruary Style Challenge has been lots of fun.However, I do spot some real challenges ahead!

On the it's belts, and I don't own a single one - they're very uncomfortable to wear due to my hips being so different. One is much higher than the other.

Some have suggested low hung belts, but that only accentuates my worst part, a large stomach!

On the it's coloured shoes - normally no challenge at all! I have lots of coloured shoes. But it's winter here, and snow may be knee high!

Lter on there's a pants day - I don't own one single pair! Further ahead sheer is the theme. I don't remember anything being sheer in my wardrobe, but I'll have a look of course!

Now, to end this post I have one last photo of the arm candy outfit, that I lreally loved!

Winter outfit with a touch of spring!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!