Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Springtime in Paris

If only one could be so lucky...

As mentioned a few times I've been reading the book Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. And we all know how stylish that lady is!

One of her recommendations is investing in a trench coat. I already have a pink one. It's been a bit of a workhorse and it's starting to show.

Knowing how difficult it is for me to find clothes I've been searching the internet many times. This time for a beige one since it looks so elegant in the pictures.

My requirements were:

  • No belt 
  • single breasted 
  • long enough to cover my behind 
  • short enough to go on my (sports) bicycle

Here' the result:

Me an my new cherry tree!

Next to me are a few new plants, a cherry tree and "black" violets (very dark purple). Cherries are my favourite fruit :-)

Beige isn't my best colour, but with the silk scarf I can get away with it.

At least the coat is matching my hair (bought) colour :-)

Is there a back side to such a coat, you may ask? Of course there is - have a look!

French elegance!

Having trawled all possible online shops this is the best I could find. Ideally it should have been more fitted, and a couple of inches longer. And a cooler beige.

But with a more and more urgent need, what do you do? As much as I'd like to I can't afford to go coat shopping in Paris.

Almost every professional stylist and style blogger tells you to leave "that'll do"-items

Do you really apply to that rule?

Anyway, I'm dancing and bicycling the day away in my new coat, and airing it at Patti's Visible Monday party at the Not Dead Yet Style blog. This time there's even a give away - so do come and join the fun!

A great week to everyone

Love Kaffesoester


  1. I think you made a great choice - this coat has 95% of what you're looking for, and in the world of fashion, that's good enough for me! (I prefer my doctors be in the 99% range : > ). Thanks for linking up, you look terrific. xox

  2. It looks great on you, and will complete so many of your colorful outfits! And no, I don't always buy what I absolutely love - clothes is often experimentation for me. I do aim though to find companions which will let all my pieces shine. Like this bright scarf does for your chic trench coat!

    Thank you for your kind comment, I was so thrilled to read it. :)

  3. When I think of trench coat I think of so many wonderful classic movies, so I do like them. Your choice is great, especially with the very pretty scarf. I'm glad you didn't leave this one behind. I always buy things that are not 100%. Usually I don't regret it.

  4. Your new trench coat has a perfect fit and with the cute scarf it is actually your style.
    I hope your cherry tree will have a lot of fruits in summer.
    Sabinne xxx

  5. Congrats on your new trenchy, looking gooood!! ;) I do love trenchcoats, such a wardrobe stable, never out of fashion! :) Actually Im always on the lookout for a trenchy which is not beige. ;) I found a yellow one from Boden last season which Im looking forward to wear once the weather heats up. :) Well I tend to shy away from garments which dont tick all my boxes, but leaves me searching for that perfect item forever. So there you have me. ;) Thank you dearest for your e-mail, I really appreciate it! :) I will get back to you in a few days. :)

  6. You look lovely, that pink scarf is the icing on the cake.
    I must admit to having visited Paris many times and being more impressed with the poodles than the Parisian ladies. Bit too polished and safe for my liking. Your twist is way better! xxx

  7. Love the trench coat on you and the scarf is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment, much appreciated.

  8. Sorry, I wrote a whole long big comment but was having trouble with the verify robot.
    Again, but shorter.. Your coat looks lovely and you are very wise to put that pretty scarf in between the coat and your face. This way the coat becomes a sort of stage, platform for the scarf.

  9. So happy to see you back and as beautiful as ever. I agree with Greetje. The coat becomes a background for your scarf, which frames your face and your gorgeous hair.

  10. Patti: Thank you so much - and you're right :-) The coat has most of what I was looking for. The alternative is to go without, which could easily be a year!

    Natalia Lialina:Thank you vey much - I've already worn it a few times now. Always with my favourite scarf. However, I'm planning other outfits around this coat to get lots of milage.

    Melanie: You're so right! First image to pop up: Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, lighting a cigarette (not the best since I'm an ex-smoker and might get too inspired!) and Michael Caine in the Ipcress File. Maybe an idea for a future post :-)

    Sabine: Thank you so much - I'm doing what I can to give the tree the best conditions so fingers crossed!

    Monica: Thank you to you too Dear! I can imagine you in a yellow trench - maybe I'll actually see it IRL? Beige has always been a tricky colour for me, but with lots of colourful items in my wardrobe I felt ready for a change

    Vix: Thank you very much! I would never have thought I'd style-beat the French :-D

    Elsie: Thank you to you too Elsie! The scarf is a trusted old friend, almost falling apart, but it just goes with so much, and expresses my personality!

    Greetje: No need to apologise! And thank you so much! A beige stage - you're right! Seeing it this way makes it easier to find other "stars" to appear!

    Judith: Thank you very much - I'm very happy to be back. I see so much joie de vivre on the blog that I visit, it's like spiritual vitamins!

  11. If the trench coat fits most of your requirements, then it was right to get it. It's fine to make statements about finding the perfect piece, but on a limited budget, with limited time/opportunities for shopping, and with a pressing need, what can you do but make your best approximation? Anyway, it looks great on you, and the bright scarf really brightens up the beige beautifully. xxx

  12. Thank you Curtise! You're so right. I didn't buy in a panic attack, but I did feel slightly pressured. I hate it when my shoes aren't polished or my sleeves are frayed, or in the case of the old trench, when colours are starting to fade. It looks shabby, and with a touch of grey hair... :-(

    The next few days I'll try and mix it with other scarves, and if it doesn't give a lot of opportunities, I can just swop with your green brocade jacket :-D

  13. Thankyou for visiting me from Visible Monday. I noticed you are in Denmark, so we have something in common, as I live in Tasmania, Australia,where Princess Mary hails from.
    The trench coat you have chosen really does suit you and as others have suggested a great neutral to add other colours.Once again , thankyou .

  14. Jill, you're most welcome! Yes, I thought of Princess Mary immediately when I saw where you live. One day soon I'll do a post on my "encounter" with Her Royal Highness - including a private video!!!