Monday, 27 April 2015

At Copenhagen Sakura Festival 2015

Analogue outfit with just a tiny touch of contrast - and gold :-)

How do you dress for visibility at a festival that includes lots of guests dressed in Japanese Manga outfits? A bit of colour?

My husband visits this festival nearly every year to take photos, and with okay weather this Saturday I wanted to go too. The blooming trees are incredibly beautiful!

The Japanese cherry trees in full bloom are a vision! No wonder the place was crowded :-)

Lots of people brought their picnic baskets and blankets and had a wonderful time.

It's just magical when the wind sprinkles pink petals all over. A golden opportunity for more photos of me :-D

The jacket is a very old sale item by Danish brand Bitte Kai Rand and has appeared in several blog posts over the years. It has a thick lining so it's warm and soft, as well as bright and shining :-D

The pink dress is a golden oldie as well - by now closed British brand Alexon. It's actually a size too large as I was testing the different UK sizes - and never bothered to return it. I wonder how often that happens with things bought on the internet...

It's still an impressive sight seeing the trees from above:

I can't get enough of these trees, so here's another photo, also showing my lovely husband :-)

Due to a massive queue at the Japanese food stalls we decided to eat lunch at a local cafe.

The interior is in the popular Scandinavian Industrial Chic style which I'm getting a bit tired of. However, this restaurant has one remarkable feature, that I'm showing below the food pictures.

I'm having salmon rillette with two kinds of brown bread. For those who aren't familiar with rillette it's like a coarse mousse.

For a touch of "Noma" some wild herbs were added, to justify the price I assume...

But, on top of the restaurant there's an extremely minimalist roof garden (with only moss and a few flat, hardy succulents) - with stranslucent windows between the "flower beds",  that you see from below in the restaurant's ceiling.

You can see the roof top garden across the parked cars. Taking this photo I'm actually standing on the building that houses Monies, my favourite jewellery brand :-) that has a sale next month :-D

A few steps to the right of the outdoor seating area is a sculpture:

Last but not least: Blogging has been at a standby with my computer freezing, as in not working!

I had been warned ahead, that there wasn't any space left, but I kept pushing this clean-up in front of me. Until I was forced to do it! As always, these things never happen at a convenient time, which is why you should do it as soon as possible (I'm sounding like someone's mother here!)

So, act quick, stay ahead and have a lovely week everyone :-)

Love Kaffesoester


  1. Aaaaw Tine do you know you are blossoming like the cherry trees in these pics! :) Love, love the pink monochrome look with a touch of red on you, makes you pop! :) The sculpture in the last pic makes me think of the movie Terminator. :) wish you a lovely week dearie! :)

    1. You're so sweet Monica, thank you :-D

      Apart from the dress being very loose, this was the perfect outfit for me. I love being dressed in strong colours top-to-toe! And I was wearing my best shoes (for the occasion - grass and cobbled stones), walking under a pink cloud with good friends... The outcome is bound to be good :-)

  2. Oh I forgot, Im sorry to hear you are having computer issues as well, I hope mine wasnt contagious. ;) hope you will get it sorted soonish. :) Best of luck!

    1. Dear Monica, you know, I thought of you as I was doing the clean up on my machine. But it's really my own fault. I ignored warnings for days :-( But now my computer works again.

      However, I've been informed by some of the other bloggers that only Google+ users could leave comments on my blog, and even those didn't "count" in Blogger's statistics, or cause the usual alerts in my e-mail. So I had a bit of trouble getting that sorted but hope it's working now!

      How about your PC? Have you got a new one, or had the old one repaired?

    2. My PC is doing fine now as my hubbby was so kind to fix it, just had to get a new harddrive and reinstall the whole shabang, phew!! Mind you reinstalling everything is a pain in the butt! :) Good to hear your mac is back in business. :)

    3. How nice to have capable husbands in the IT dept :-D What would we do without them!!!

  3. Fantastic photos! I like comparing a Danish spring to one here in the southern U.S.

    1. Thank you very much Stacey! Although I'm afraid spring up here is a lot colder than yours - we still have frost at night and around 10 degrees celcius during daytime (50 degrees Fahrenheit). I could do with a spring break in Southern US!

  4. Oh my goodness, all that beautiful blossom - how gorgeous! And you are quite right, you DO stand out in that fabulous cerise dress and red jacket, I love the photo of you with the sculpture of the thoughtful seated man. The festival looks great. Sorry to hear about your computer woes though... xxxx

    1. Thank you very much Curtise :-) That sculpture is just brilliant, and the fun thing is, he's facing the pier, where the queen boards her small boat, the chalup. Apparently he spends many hours waiting for a glimpse of her :-D My computer is alright again, but the comment feature here on the blog has been a pain!

  5. You look WONDERFUL in bright pinks! Just truly beautiful. I remember finding your blog a while ago only to find out that you stopped blogging. It was sad to me because I really liked your colorful style - I want more colors, I want seeing them everywhere! So I'm really happy that you gave your blog a second life - don't ever stop please! :)

    We have a similar place in Seattle with blooming Japanese trees and hundreds of visitors, and I still have not done that yet. You inspire me. Next Spring it is! They sure are gorgeous, those trees.

    Love the sculpture, and like you also a bit tired of simplistic interiors... But looking at the other sculpture behind you, you know what I thought of? Of the famous Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen... I first saw it as a little girl in a book about Western countries (it was all so exotic to us Soviet people), and I fell in love. I thought she was so absolutely beautiful. Little Mermaid by Andersen was my favorite fairy tale as a child. Maybe some day your lovely husband and you will make a trip to her and show it here. It wold be like a dream come true to me, in a way. :)

  6. Dear Natalia, you are so sweet, thank you very much! I do find your colour adventures highly inspirational as well :-) And I love how you mix sharp tailoring and flowing lines with pattern too.

    There is actually an old post on my blog, with pictures me by the Little Mermaid - I'll see if I can find it and leave the link in a comment on you blog :-) Anyway, maybe it's time for some new ones!

  7. So much beauty and inspiration, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    my dear friend.
    I love every pic and your wonderful smile