Monday, 20 April 2015

M&S Classic Pure Cotton Button Through Trench Mac + Dash dress = frumpy/not frumpy?

How do you dress casual and practical wearing a dress? How do you make it suitable for riding your bicycle and running errands in it?

Today my suggestion is this old Dash jersey dress in pink leopard print with Dorothy Perkins jeggings underneath, just to fight any chilly wind.

It's not many item that I have from the British brand Dash. Like this dress, most of their pieces have the potential to appear frumpy and boring.

The addition af a beige trench is not always a safe choice if you want to avoid appearing older than you are. But I do think this mix works quite well. The trench is Marks & Spencer's Pure Cotton Button Through Trench Mac from their Classic collection - a line with almost built-in frump-factor!

I think it was a courageous choice!

A heeled shoe had been great. But having tried to climb my bicycle in heels a few times has cured that urge!!!

Even though we don't have summer temperatures like those on the Not Dead Yet Style blog where the gorgeous Patti is hosting the Visible Monday party we're still having a lovely, warm sunny day, with fragrant, blossoming plum trees and chirping birds.

Having fought the frump factor of this outfit with such weapons as my trusty, old Bloch ballet flats and a small assortment of my beloved bangles, I feel very appropriately and visibly dressed for her party.

The shoes:

The bangles:

As I told you in my last post, Norwegian Monica of the Colour Makes People blog was going to Copenhagen. Of course we met! I won't go into too much detail since I know she has a post planned, only say that I had a great time with Monica and her beautiful mother and sister.

It was fun to see how we matched, clothes and hair - well apart from my roots :-)

Hope you all had a safe trip home as well Monica - regards to your mum & sister!

The rest of the world:

Have a lovely week and enjoy the party at Patti's :-D

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