Thursday, 16 April 2015

My encounter with Tasmanian born Royalty

Kaffesoester in gold brocade coat on the Queen's birthday, side view

Today is Queen Margrethe's birthday, she's 75 years old. She really belongs in one of Advanced Style blog's post as she is such a colourful and stylish lady. A huge Congratulations!

With this current event in mind it felt very appropriate to share the following incident with you all:

A little while ago I replied to a comment by Jill James of the Grown Up Glamour blog. In her kind comment she mentioned that she lives in Tasmania, Australia - the very island where the Danish Crown Princess Mary comes from. I promised to share my experience with the Princess.

In fall last year I was at a housing exhibition that Her Royal Highness was opening.

Not being the most eager royalist I didn't give it much consideration. But since other friends of mine couldn't be there I thought I'd try and get a photo of her. There weren't a lot of visitors so I had plenty of room to take photos - or video!

Here's my own private recording of the moments before the opening ceremony:

Later I walked slowly around the place, sipping a free beer. 
I stopped at one stall and started to read a poster. Suddenly I felt a light movement behind me.

And there she was, breathing down my neck, literally!

With all the body guards, camera crew and fans it was overwhelming for me. Discreetly as I could I backed away. Only to realise at home a few days later, that it was filmed by someone, and that every one can now enjoy my beer sipping face as a background for the beautiful Crown Princess!

Can you imagine my pride?

Kaffesoester drinking beer behind Crown Princess Mary

Now, let's move on. The gold brocade coat that I'm wearing again is by Danish brand Noa Noa, from their 2004 collection. That was the year of the royal wedding, and the collection is named Mary, see the label in the neck of the coat :-)

Label in the neck of Kaffesoester's gold brocade coat

The coat is a silk-rayon mix on the outside, lined with pure silk on the inside. It feels so luxurious to wear. The little crystals didn't photograph well, but every time I take the coat of, it sparkles!

Kaffesoester in gold brocade coat with wind in her hair

I was just about to give a royal wave, but as you can see we had a fair bit of wind again today. Luckily no rain, as her Majesty had a Tour de Copenhagen in open horse carriage planned. My coat prefers dry conditions too!

With this post on my mind when I took the photos I could still feel the royal breath :-)

Back of Kaffesoester in gold brocade coat

In which situations have you been caught drinking free beer? Other than holiday videos!

Next post: Monica of Colour Makes People is in Copenhagen - and we're meeting!!! :-D

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