Monday, 16 April 2012

Golden oldie

When H&M designed this sweater I think they had a younger model in mind, not an almost 50 year old woman. But who cares? I think these colours suit me, and they do absolute wonders for my visibility! So, this is my input to Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog.

I'm also wearing one of my favorite rings, red plastic, from Evans - the only place I've found so far that carry jewellery in really large sizes (both rings and bracelets):

I also dressed in gold on Friday (I think it was Friday...), when I remixed my green jersey dress, again with jeans:

For contrast I added my red ring:

At the end of this week I'm attending a pyjama party - online! - hosted by Terri at the RAGS Against The MACHINE blog. I can't remember ever attending a pyjama party in my life - so I'm really exited!


  1. You look fab in your new H and M sweater! The scarf and jewelry (love the red ring) are perfect finishings. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

  2. Thanks to you too Patti, for hosting and for writing such nice comments every time!

  3. The first time I saw someone wearing that sweater I fell in love with it. So beautiful. I think it looks gorgeous on you. The accessories are great too.

  4. Thank you so much Debbie! I've always had a weakness for gold coloured clothes, and within the last year it's become a bit of an obsession. Don't be surprised if I turn up in gold coloured trousers one of these days!

  5. I love the gold sweater and I can't wait to see your jammies. It will be the first time I've used the tool that allows other bloggers to upload their pics and I'm somewhat nervous about that. Cross our fingers that all goes well.

  6. Thank you Terri - even if the upload fails us I won't have dressed up/down? in vain as I'm going away for the weekend and will have to appear at the breakfast table Sunday morning in my pyjama. So Friday night is going to be half party and half test drive for my outfit!

  7. I love your metallic gold sweater, especially with the accessories and that great splash of a scarf you're wearing! The red ring brings so much life to your second outfit too!

    1. Thank you so much Melanie. The green outfit was a bit boring, and it could have done with even more contrast. I do have a burgundy necklace that I could have worn with it, but I forgot!