Friday, 6 April 2012

Red H&M dress with pink, Tricia Guild style!

One of the dresses I bought lately reminded me of the red colours used by the designer Tricia Guild. I have several of her books, including Pattern where I got this photo from:

I would love to fill my home with her silk fabrics, but I can't afford to. Instead I've come up with this outfit that has a bit of the same feeling (the scarf is silk):

And a close up of the details:

I wore it to a lunch party at our good friends house yesterday. It matched the sunny day perfectly!

On Wednesday I went to Copenhagen again, to have a haircut. I wasn't very inspired as my feet were killing me, so I ended up with a dress that I've worn quite a few times lately. It's easy to remix with different cardigans and jeggings (that are just warm enough for the outdoor temperature these days).

If you haven't seen the orange bangles before, here's a nice shot...

Last photo is from this morning. The weather was depressingly wet and windy, with temperatures just above freezing. So, back to thick sweaters and heavy boots.

The scarf is old, from around the last time pastels were the current trend. I have a matching silk dress that I'm hoping to use for the pastel colour challenge on Everybody Everywear, on April 10th.

Have a great weekend everyone - see you again on Visible Monday!


  1. I love the Tricia Guild inspired outfit and the scarf is so pretty. Is the little olive-green purse new? It is very cute! I hope you will have a lovely Easter weekend!

    1. Thank you very much Anna - the purse is a very old H&M thing, not even leather. But I've used it a lot over the years, so 39,- kr well spent!!! Have a nice Easter to you too, hope you have sunshine like Denmark, and temperatures unlike Denmark!

  2. Tine, we have snow! Yesterday was grey and cold and in the evening it snowed a lot. Today have been sunny but still the snow has not melted. I actually slipped from the ice on the street, but everything went well. That is the good thing with having some extra kilos at the hips and bum. I took some outfit photos today so there will be outfit photos with snow any other day at my blog.
    That is the reason I love H&M, sometimes you come across special pieces to very affordable prices. Sometimes they look very expensive too!

  3. Hi Tine --

    I'm very late to commenting on this, I kept meaning to go back after seeing it earlier. You'll be shocked to know I have several of Guild's books as them for inspiration though I am not as brave as you two!

    The TG-y outfit is a lot of fun, but I actually really like the grey one too. Your orange bangles add the perfect "Tine touch."

    1. Thank you - that is very sweet of you, Vix! Nice comments can never be too late!