Thursday, 26 April 2012

3 outfits with silver shoes

It wasn't on purpose but I've worn my silver shoes for the last three days. The low heel is good for my feet and I think they're beautiful. Had they been more comfortable I would probably wear them again tomorrow!

Tuesday I wore them with my teal dress, which sadly is made of polyester...

Had it been made of some natural fiber is wouldn't cling so much, I think:

The neckline and the extra fabric across the bust makes it difficult to wear jewellery, so I kept it at arms and hands:

The turquoise tights are among my favorites, and I'm working on a replacement for these as they won't last much longer:

Wednesday I had a presentation of a school project. I didn't want to wear colours that were too bright so I ended up with a completely neutral outfit - and added colourful jewellery:

You can't see the blue ring in the above photo so here's a close up:

And the lovely shoes - now with gray jeggings:

The last outfit I wore today at school. The dress has appeared before on the blog, but never with my silver shoes, or the pants, since they're new!

And checking the rear view which I'm trying to make a habit of:

I couldn't find any suitable necklace for this dress - all the zippers make it "a busy area" so I decided to leave it at the bangles:

Finally - the silver shoes with white pants:

Tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen to buy new shoes - comfortable walking shoes with room for my inlays. Sounds boring, right?

Sunday I'm in Copenhagen again - if the weather permits - for the annual Japanese Sakura festival and hopefully taking lots of great photos!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. really cute outfits to show off the silver shoes. I recently bought some but had to return them because the ties were slippery. I can only wear comfort shoes because of my poor feet. I'm looking forward to seeing what you find!

    1. Thank you so much Joni! I just visited your blog, and I love all your colourful photos. If I do find new shoes tomorrow they'll appear on the blog shortly after! It's always a small miracle if I find a new pair of shoes, I even have issues with comfort shoes being to flat or narrow!

  2. That last dress is so very interesting. A silver shoe is very versatile--I have flats in a dark silver and tend to wear them in week-long bursts. What do you teach?

    1. Thank you very much Terri! I'm at school as a student - a very old one - studying multimediadesign. Dressing different to my class mates is important since I don't want to appear desparate to fit in. So I'm trying hard to define my own unique style that is age appropriate as well as creative.

  3. We really need to find a noce replacement dress for the polyester one soon!

    Love Michael

  4. Thank you Darling! You're so right!

    Love you too!