Thursday, 22 November 2012

A touch of yellow to tie it all together!

With a lovely dark and rainy day ahead of me this morning, I ditched my planned silver and neutral outfit and went for a fun and bright one, to fight the gloom.

The primaries with magenta, black and gold

I love how this turned out, with the coat on, so here's a close up of the details:

No room for iPad in the yellow bag=double bagging!

I've had this skirt for more than a year, and not worn it once! For some reason I didn't think any of my tops looked right with it. The colour is a bit difficult since it's blue with a purple undertone. Seeing myself now I realize the light blue colour is a very good choice, especially with the scarf.

Old top, old scarf, old skirt, old boots, old girl!

I can't believe I've had all these pieces in my wardrobe for years, without combining them! Have I been blind?

When the weather gets warmer again (some time in April or May), I'll wear this outfit with coral tights and burgundy shoes.

Although I like the navy scarf with this outfit I don't enjoy wearing it. Being quite busty makes the scarf uncomfortable as it gets 'in the way' all the time. So, at school I looked like this:

Scarves can be tricky with a large bust.

Today was also the last day at school with actual lessons. Exams time start on Monday, and the project is due in mid December. I hope I'll have time for blogging too!

In the meantime we have a weekend and another birthday coming up, with some great friends visiting. It's my turn to cook, so let's see if I can remember to take photos!

Take care everyone, and enjoy your day however rainy or sunny it may be!