Friday, 9 November 2012

Teal dress with pink scarf

This dress has been  featured in a few posts before, but never with a pink scarf. Yes, the same pink scarf as in the previous posts! I do think these colours look so great together that I just couldn't resist.

Pattern mixing like a true blogger!

The photos were taken at 4 pm, and it was all dark outside, hence the artificial lighting. It wasn't too cold outside, so I wore a short jacket on top of the dress, that I like a lot, but seldom wear because of the weather up here in Scandinavia.

Dark purple with teal and pink

Since it's the dark season I decided a little more colour was in order, so I added my yellow bangles, and turquoise rings. Red lipstick seemed to be the only choice then.

Aren't yellow bangles on everybody's essentials list?

Before I end this post I'd like to share the latest development in the H&M boycott story. The governments in both Norway and Denmark have summoned H&M to meetings, asking for an explanation. We're still waiting to hear the answer.

Remembering a rear view for once!

We are having the family visiting on Sunday, and have all sorts of preparations tomorrow. I'll try to remember taking a few pictures, and give you an explanation!

Have a lovely weekend and see you soon!