Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Really bad hairday!

In the last few weeks my hair has gone from bad to awful. Due to bleaching and exposure to strong sunshine this summer, it has deteriorated into nylon like tufts. So, please ignore my head on the following pictures - and look at my dress!

Camouflage pattern in pink and brown?

In the next post my hair will be better, I've just come home from the hairdresser's. She's done a marvelous job again!

This morning I wasn't starting so early, so I had time (and light) to take a few photos outside. It wasn't very warm, but I was hot, again. In fact I didn't put on my jacket until I was leaving for the hairdresser in the afternoon. I bet when the real winter weather sets in my hot flushes will be over!

I don't mind turning my back on people in this dress!

This was the last of the CC sales dresses this year. All the sales items are removed from the website, so there's going to be money for Christmas presents for the family after all!

The boots I'm wearing are old, around 10 years. A lot of you have asked about them. They're from Birkenstock's Footprints range, and called Rochelle. Unfortunately they've stopped making them.

When in doubt, wear bangles

Wearing this latest treasure I'm linking up with Patti's Visible Monday party at the Not Dead Yet Style blog although, I'm very late.

Have a great week everyone - and see you soon!