Saturday, 17 November 2012

Blessed by style angels

The last two weeks have been crazy - I've been working day and night to get a school project ready for handing yesterday. I made it, and so far my group and I have done great.

As if things weren't crazy enough, a friend of mine got tickets for one of the Trinny and Susannah shows here in Copenhagen, and she invited me to come along!As they were cancellation tickets I didn't know until an hour and a half before the show. I was sill at school, a 45 min. train ride from Copenhagen - unable to make it home for a change of clothes or getting rid of my enormous laptop!

Here's how we looked, sitting in the studio, before the show started:

My sweet friend Ayesha

Front row seats the whole evening

Just to prove that we were actually there:

The runway

So, if you ever get to see the T&S in Denmark show, I may appear among the audience since they cut up film into bits and place shots of the audience where ever they feel like it. It could be that I'm on the Aarhus or the Helsingor show, although I was really in Copenhagen!

It was fantastic to see how they changed people's appearance - and the victim's reactions. Most of them were truly happy, as were their friends and family. I don't agree with all their decisions but in general they're spot on.

The ladies themselves were of course very elegant, wearing gorgeous ball gowns by Danish designers. Trinny was in a soft "Pink Panther pink" hi low dress with a sequin waistband, and Susannah was in Lemon a lemon yellow floor length dress which I think was by Malene Birger.

Since I had plenty of eye contact with both ladies I count myself blessed by these style angels! Of course I do realize that the angelic appearance is strongest on the runway, wearing ball gowns!

As soon as I got home that evening I took my outfit photos. But at 10 pm, having only slept 4 hours the previous night, I was dead tired - and I think it shows!

Wishing I was in bed already!

The necklace isn't new, but I've been reluctant to wear it since it's the last item I purchased from H&M. By coincidence this necklace will be on TV. Here's a close up:

Too tired to care about camera angles!

I got home late form school on the day before, so the one photo that isn't all blurred, shows my new shoes, and the lovely green tights that should have been light blue. I was so tired in the morning when I got dressed that I didn't notice the different colour!

Green tights instead of light blue

As I mentioned earlier I handed in a project at school yesterday. We also had a presentation so I tried to dress for that:

Coral red and nay blue will be a classic soon?

I glad I kept this dress. It's so easy to style in different ways and with lots of other colours. It looks alright from the back too:

Amazing that polyester can look like this!

I got quite a few suggestions on how to improve the fit of this dress, like taking in the top where it meets the sleeves. But as you see the back is gathered which will course some strange drape like lines on the back. So, I've decided to be  contend with the current shape and fit, and focus on my remixing choices.

The shoes are new, from Irregular Choice's
Bed of Roses range, and on sale (around 1/3 of the original price!), and they're a combination of red patent leather and red glitter tweed - who can ask for more in a shoe?

Lovely warm tweed shoes for winter!

The wedge heels are fantastic for hours on my feet, walking to the bus stop and around school.

Glitter tweed!

Mostly I forget to take photos of the coats I'm wearing, but I really liked the result yesterday so here's me, ready to face the Danish autumn weather:

Oops! Forgot to close the bag properly.

Last but certainly not least - my new haircut! There wasn't any wind blowing on the photos in my last post - I just had really bad hair! I'm so happy with this, although the aim is to have a bit more length.

Not a hint of grey hair at my age!

This is it for now - I'm rushing out of the door in a few minutes. I have surprise tickets for the whole family to a fun event in Tivoli in Copenhagen. More on that tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I also love your new hair, although you were always fine for me.
    I am glad to see all your styling and fun time.

    1. Thank you very much Sacramento! Before the haircut the curls had completely gone where the hair had been too damaged, so I really enjoy my new haircut!

  2. So beautiful! Love your new hairdo and so glad that great-coloured blue dress is working for you. Awesome new shoes! Good for you for making the most of a last-minute opportunity despite your tiredness - sounds like quite a week, what a great way to cap it off. Congrats on getting through and your project going well!

    1. Thank you so much Amber! These shoes are really a reward that I promised myself. One of my group members at school, and me, had a small competition, about who was the fastest at coding php. She won so I got these as a consolation prize. Had I won I would have rewarded myself with a pair of John Fluevogs that I've recently discovered at a Danish web shop. However, they're so expensive that I thought I'd have to do really well if I should have them now. Instead there's money for taking my family to the theater, and Christmas presents!

  3. You sound VERY busy! Good to know the project was completed successfully.
    See? I said that blue dress was just fine! I don't think you need to do anything about the fit, it looks great, especially with the bright tights and fabulous new shoes.
    I have mentioned before that I am not really a fan of T & S, and the fact that they would do a show in which they criticise their audience while wearing ball gowns themselves, rather confirms my previous opinions - bullying posh girls who think they know better than us common folk! But that's just me - I appreciate a lot of other people like their advice and approach, and doubtless they have some sensible suggestions to offer, it's the tone I object to. (Britain is still heavily dominated by the class system, whatever anyone says!)
    But a spontaneous night out is good, as is your lovely hair, and a trip out with the family! Hope you have fun! xxxxx

    1. Thank you very much Curtise! You were so right about the dress!

      There wasn't any bullying at all on the show, only a warm and caring atmosphere. But I remember seeing the shows on TV some years ago, and they were very straight forward with their 'victims'.

      I never realized though that they were both upper class. That does explain a lot of the negative air that they have about them in the English press. I've seen articles before, criticizing them. I never quite understood why. I think they may have overlooked the fact that their background is still part of their image, and they should take great care in the way they approach others. I like the way Gok Wan talks to his 'victims'. It looks like he really cares for the ladies on his show.

      For me personally it was such a relief to get their book 'The body shape bible'. Finally I understood what was 'wrong' with my body, and how to dress it better. I think it's the best book in it's category.

      Maybe the two girls have learned from their experience with their home market, that the tone of voice on their show is essential to how their advice is received, both by the victims and the viewers? Well, enough of them!

      Since I've discovered the CC dresses (especially those on sale!) I know exactly how to dress my body in the most flattering way, and from trying out so many colours I know that no colour theory so far, covers the potential range of colours that suit me!

  4. dear tine,
    you look great even when you came home from the show! your new hair cut is fantastic. it perfect for your pretty curly hair. i can not tell you which of your outfits i like best. the mose eye-catching for me is the one with the red pattern and the green tights, but this is one of my favorite color combinations of course. Marvellous also is the cut of the blue dress and the bright color is perfect for you.
    the show must have been fantastic. i like to the makeovers, in magazines and in tv. it is alway surprising what options the stylists are suggesting.
    have a nice relaxed weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Sabine! Hopefully you'll like the red patterned dress with light blue tights as well. That was really what I intended to wear the other day!

  5. Love all these pics! You look great.

    1. Thank you so much Marla! I do my best every day!

  6. Oh those red glitter shoes are fabulous! And the bright blue bag. And the tights you pair with each of your dresses. And your new hair do. And the blue dress looks great on you. And...

    1. Thank you very much Pao, that is so sweet of you! Although I do wear neutrals on a regular basis, the brights are what really get my going...!

  7. So, is Trinny and Susannah forgiven now? Must have been so fun to see the show live! I always like to see what they come up with, although I some times don't agree with them. Even my hubby likes to watch, although he would not admit it. ;-)

    1. Well, I'm not sure... I guess. The show was great, the came up with some brilliant improvements. And you can tell hubby that they 'do' men too!

  8. these dresses always look amazing, looks like a fun runway event
    Xo Megan,

    1. Thank you very much Megan! If you saw me walk I'm sure you find another expression than 'runway'!!!

  9. Oh my you lucky duck, attending a trinny &susannah show, must have been a fun event! :) luuuuve the necklace ( sorry) haircut and shoes, my god if you get your hands on a pair of fluevogs, Im suffering from fluevog fever as well :) and you look so fantastic and stylish in your outerwear!!!