Monday, 19 November 2012

The Crazy Christmas Cabaret

On Saturday my family and I had tickets to The London Toast Theatre's annual Crazy Christmas Cabaret. It's in English, so I was quite excited to see how much my daughter would understand.

She did fine as the actors were very careful pronouncing every word very clearly. The Theatre plays in Glassalen which is located in Tivoli - one of Denmark's main tourist attractions.

I decided to go for a quite warm outfit as we were going to spend a few hours outdoors afterwards.

Nothing says Christmas like black and yellow?

I'm wearing some of my most treasured bangles: An old hand-me-down from my mother - bought in Austria in the 60's, a gift from Swedish blogger Anna of Four Seasons One Wardrobe, plus steals from the UK web shop Evans (I always go for the sale items!)

As temperature dropped quite a bit in the evening I really should have worn two pairs of tights, but I underestimated the weather (again!) and went in only my mustard pair:

Mustard and lemon - a classic, right?

In the theatre I tried to take some photos, using my iPhone... The result is mediocre at best! But it's such a lovely old building, it probably dates back to when the amusement park opened, in 1843.

Inside Glassalen

The Chandeliers are beautiful, so of course I had to try a close up...

The wooden ceiling and a chandelier

The show was hilarious, as always. This is their 30th. anniversary! After the show we went out in the amusement park that is already heavily decorated for Christmas, this year with a Russian theme.

Lots of light and colour!

The old carousel

The window display of one of the many shops in Tivoli

Decorations completely covered in glitter!

Modern chandelier by artist Pernille Bülow

I didn't buy anything, but had I had the money I'd have taken the chandelier above home with me! The artist is called Pernille Bülow and she has a web shop, in both Danish and English.

Like on Thursday I'm wearing my last H&M purchase - the bug necklace. I have had second thoughts about wearing it, but since I've already paid for it, it seems a waist not to wear it. I may change my mind of course!

The Christmas-bug necklace

All the beautiful bangles are certainly worth a close up as well, so here goes:

Snakeskin pattern, a Christmas classic!

Today is Monday, and Patti's having a party at her Not Dead Yet Style blog. I'm rushing over to join the others - come have a look at all the fun!

I'm wishing you all a great week!