Copyright "Highly Irregular Style" by Tine Jensen, 2011

Copyright "Highly Irregular Style" by Tine Jensen, 2011

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Crazy Christmas Cabaret

On Saturday my family and I had tickets to The London Toast Theatre's annual Crazy Christmas Cabaret. It's in English, so I was quite excited to see how much my daughter would understand.

She did fine as the actors were very careful pronouncing every word very clearly. The Theatre plays in Glassalen which is located in Tivoli - one of Denmark's main tourist attractions.

I decided to go for a quite warm outfit as we were going to spend a few hours outdoors afterwards.

Nothing says Christmas like black and yellow?

I'm wearing some of my most treasured bangles: An old hand-me-down from my mother - bought in Austria in the 60's, a gift from Swedish blogger Anna of Four Seasons One Wardrobe, plus steals from the UK web shop Evans (I always go for the sale items!)

As temperature dropped quite a bit in the evening I really should have worn two pairs of tights, but I underestimated the weather (again!) and went in only my mustard pair:

Mustard and lemon - a classic, right?

In the theatre I tried to take some photos, using my iPhone... The result is mediocre at best! But it's such a lovely old building, it probably dates back to when the amusement park opened, in 1843.

Inside Glassalen

The Chandeliers are beautiful, so of course I had to try a close up...

The wooden ceiling and a chandelier

The show was hilarious, as always. This is their 30th. anniversary! After the show we went out in the amusement park that is already heavily decorated for Christmas, this year with a Russian theme.

Lots of light and colour!

The old carousel

The window display of one of the many shops in Tivoli

Decorations completely covered in glitter!

Modern chandelier by artist Pernille Bülow

I didn't buy anything, but had I had the money I'd have taken the chandelier above home with me! The artist is called Pernille Bülow and she has a web shop, in both Danish and English.

Like on Thursday I'm wearing my last H&M purchase - the bug necklace. I have had second thoughts about wearing it, but since I've already paid for it, it seems a waist not to wear it. I may change my mind of course!

The Christmas-bug necklace

All the beautiful bangles are certainly worth a close up as well, so here goes:

Snakeskin pattern, a Christmas classic!

Today is Monday, and Patti's having a party at her Not Dead Yet Style blog. I'm rushing over to join the others - come have a look at all the fun!

I'm wishing you all a great week!


Anne-Marie Bruun said...

Det er en meget smuk kjole og spændende tilbehør. Fantastisk hvordan prikkerne gør sig i mønstret. Virkelig flot. Jeg synes din halskæde er meget smuk. Også dine armbånd. Det er lang tid siden jeg har været i Tivoli, må se om jeg kommer det i år. Der er en særlig stemning når det er vinter og det bliver mørkt.

Patti said...

The bangles are indeed special, T - and they look beautiful with this dress (I like these colors for Christmas, why not?) : > Thanks for sharing your look and your fabulous evening with Visible Monday.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I totally love your mustard tights and lace up boots. I Must find a pair of boots like that!

Megan, said...

gorgeous dress, you look amazing
Xo Megan,

Val Sparkle said...

I love that dress. I remember seeing it with a pink scarf, right? It's very cool.

I remember Tivoli when we were traveling when I was a kid - I loved it!!!! My parents are both from Danish ancestry, and we visited many relatives in dejlige Danmark. I hope I get back there someday.

Style Sud-Est said...

Nice dress but we seen it non, but does not matter it's super beautiful on you, must the yellow it lights up your gorgeous self -

Fab place you went to!

I love your bug necklace never seen anything like that at H&M in my part of the world

Ariane xxx

sabine said...

dear tine,
what a wonderful evening you spent with your family. i can see from you pictures that the tivoli is a very unique location. you beautiful dress was the perfect choise for such an event. you look stunning. the bangles are the perfect addition.
i never wore two pairs of tights, but that might by a good idea in very cold winter. i will try it!
in our town the official christmas market will start next monday but they do not have a special theme. unforatunately it is always the same every year.
but there are some small markets in town in very special places that are the one i like.

pao said...

Love the print of your yellow and black dress. You do know the perfect style for you! And regardless of where that necklace came from, you can't beat golden beetles! Mine's bigger than yours.

anne m bray said...

I too love that print on your dress! Graduated dots lined up in a zig zag! Wish I could put it on underwear, but I don't think there's enough fabric to display the effect. Sigh.

Marla said...

Love your print dress. Those pics are great.

Sacramento Amate said...

Black and yellow, Christmas already and that bug necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. WONDERFUL!!!

The Style Crone said...

The dress looks amazing on you! You must have turned many a head with your patterns and bangles. You are becoming famous for what you display on your wrists!

Thanks for the festive photos!

fourseasonsonewardrobe said...

Hi Tine, I think this is my favorite of the CC dresses, although the other are very pretty on you too! As you already have paid for the necklace, you should wear it. I had also just recently before the documentary bought a couple of pieces from H&M, and they will also show up on the blog sooner or later. I hope H&M regret their actions, so we could shop there soon again with good consciousness. I love Tivoli, and it is even better when it is decorated for Christmas!

pastcaring said...

The theatre looks beautiful, glad to know you had a really good time. That CC dress always looks a treat on you, especially with an added flash of your mustard rights!
I think you should wear your H&M necklace, you paid your money and it would be a waste not to get some enjoyment out of it, even if you don't want to shop there in the future. xxx

Jean at said...

Seeing your outfit and accessories makes me happy!! Yellow and black can be tricky, I think, but you've done this superbly!!! The orange tights are genius. I love your bracelets, of course, being a bracelet addict myself.

I grew up in a cold climate and miss it, especially during the holidays. The theater looks utterly charming and I wish I could have strolled around outside looking at all the beautiful displays. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

kaffesoester said...

mange tak Anne-Marie! Jeg kan kun anbefale en tur i Tivoli, især når det er mørkt. Fordi vi kom så tidligt iår fik vi en yderligere bonus - alt pyntegrønt er frisk og dufter skønt!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Patti! If you ever go to Denmark Christmas time isn't bad at all!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much - and good luck! I've been searching for a couple of year knowing that these will only last for a limited time now. It's actually driving me mad, since I have no substitutes!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Megan!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Val - so fun to finally hear form someone connected to this tiny spot! Tivoli is a great place for children, as are most amusement parks, but this one is also famous for all the flowers in summer time, and the Halloween, and later, Christmas decor, all over the place! This year they've built a small Russian village at the centre!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Ariane! You have such a great memory, I wore the dress not long ago, with the pink scarf and orange tights!

It's a bit strange how H&M carry one range in Europe, and another in America...

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Sabine! I don't see any other Christmas markets here as decorated as Tivoli - it is a unique place. Funny story: The Japanese have built an exact copy of it! And we're not just talking the special Christmas decoration, but the whole park!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Pao! Of course yours is bigger - everything is bigger in America (well, that's how the saying goes in Denmark).

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Anne! Maybe a smaller size dots? Black and yellow would certainly be a new colour combination for underwear!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Marla! Considering I used my iPhone the photos are alright. Next time I should bring a proper camera, for the benefit of my blog.

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Sacramento! If I go to Spain for Christmas maybe my bug can come and play with yours?

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Judith! This country is so dark and depressing in winter - and most people wear black the whole time as well. They need someone to brighten up the place with lots of colours!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Anna! I bet you're laying by the pool side, with your laptop, working on your blog/tan, in between meetings with all sorts of interesting people!

I'm not sure if H&M's meetings with the various governments have taken place yet. But as soon as I hear the result I'll pass it on.

I'm really hoping we can have an end to this type of double standards displayed by H&M.

On one hand they promote themselves as progressive with their 'Conscious Collection' and on the other, they're turning a blind eye to the heavy abuse of the workers.

It' doesn't matter if we're polluting less when the workers conditions are still slave like!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Curtise! The reactions on the blog has now convinced me - I'll wear the necklace! However it'll always remind of those lesser fortunate than me, working their skinny behinds off for almost nothing!

kaffesoester said...

Thank you so much Jean! I'll agree to loving a bit of snow around Christmas - and a few dark evenings in December. But that's it! This morning my second thought was - today is only a month away from winter Solstice! Then things will start to get lighter again.

My first thought went to my daughter who is 13 today!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I think your bug necklace is quite cool. It reminds me of an Egyptian piece. Very pretty bangles too. Love the colors. Your mustard tights are so pretty with the dress. Very chic.
You write so well in English that some times I forget that it is not your native language.

kaffesoester said...

Thank you very much Debbi! In ancient Egypt the scarab beetle was used to decorate many things, also jewellery. So, no wonder there's a hint of Egypt about the necklace. If only a bit of the Egyptian sun would follow the beetle necklace!

I always love to hear that my English is alright!