Monday, 27 June 2011

Comfortable summer oufit

Today my new trousers were paired with a cheap turquoise tank and a navy shirt that I bought months ago, but never used. The shirt turned out to be too tight when I received it. For some reason it never occurred to me that I could wear it like this. I think it looks fine from the back side as well. To my surprise it was all very comfortable too. With regards to the Dress your best challenge I think my arms look  very nice, and I remembered the lipstick. What you can't see yet is that I have got a new pair of glasses. I'll be wearing them tomorrow.

Looking at the photos above I don't think I'm in any way dressed too young. In fact I find the sandals a bit ageing. I also think that buying the navy shirt was a mistake, both with the size and the colour. But since it's in my closet I'll wear it. As mentioned before my budget is tight, and my closet is very small! Lately I have sold a few things allowing me room and money for a couple of new purchases - the purple cardigan and the trousers. That pair of trousers are giving me about 8 new outfits, so they are worth every penny...

If I only had the money I sometimes think when I look at web shops, or at other blogger's wardrobes. A lot of these very stylish women think that they have a small wardrobe, and they never appear to be wearing their clothes more than once. It makes me think of how little variety I have to offer in the long run, showing outfits on my blog. And how little money I'm spending in comparison!

Do I need a bigger closet and more clothes? Should I just spend more money? How often do people buy new things to wear? Will a larger selection of clothes improve my blog?

Perhaps the answer is to change some of the items in my closet, not just add to the collection. Instead I will have to take the art of remixing to a higher level as well as be dead sure when I buy new things that they fit both my body and wardrobe. Afterall I'm not trying to be the best dressed blogger, just to get a clear definition of my personal style.

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