Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dressing my best and my Friday outfit

Yesterday I dressed to bring focus to my smile and my forearms as well as my nose. Being home alone meant I did the photos myself, with my Iphone!

The rings are all home made, the amethyst and yellow textile bracelets as well.

 Today my family and I are going to a midsummer nights party with bonfire and live music. Looking outside I will probably be wearing wellies and some waterproof jacket or coat. Umbrella is not going to be an option since it's really windy. I don't see much opportunity to do more than smile with regards to the Dress Your Best challenge.

Now, Friday night I went to a birthday party. In late afternoon the weather changed and my planned outfit was out of the question. I decided to wear my blue shirt, but had problems choosing what to wear with it. Then I remembered having seen Ariel at Artfully Awear doing a post on International Klein Blue, wearing a lovely blue silk top. Having had another look at it I had no problems finding things to go with my shirt: My matching blue suede shoes (from Irregular Choice) and a red jacket in shiny Chinese brocade.

I would never have chosen a jacket that colourful had I not seen Ariel's outfit, but I really think it worked, don't you?

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