Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The end of harem pants

My Granny turned 91 yesterday - Congratulations!!!! She is still managing all on her own, with a bit of help with meals because of rheumatic hands. I think she is so cool!

Now have a look at the photos:

Compared to the trousers in my previous post these are doing nothing for my thighs or hips. I think they are giving me a Barbapapa like silhouette. Not quite what I was aiming at... Reminds me to always have a look at the back side as well. Anyway, I like the way my arms look, and the colours are fine together.

On the next photo I'm showing my new specs! These are neutral, tomorrow I'll be wearing the decorated ones, also new. The photos are all done by me, with a different camera and a tripod. Considering it's my first time I think I did pretty well.

This is my first go at a self portrait. I only did this one. My husband is a semi professional photographer and he was impressed. That alone just made my day! Now read on:

To all Scandinavian women:

Could you please consider starting a fashion or style blog?

There are so many lovely blogs out there, but the weather up here in the North is so different to Southern California, Florida and other beautiful warm places. That calls for other types of clothes and a much larger variety of outfits. Furthermore, compared to pretty much the rest of the world we have a very relaxed corporate dress code.

It would be lovely to get inspiration from someone nearby, as well as from all the exotic places that one can only dream of visiting on holidays.

What initiated this post is my recent discovery of the Swedish blog Four seasons one wardrobe. It was so great to see outfits based on several items that are actually available to me too. She is good at remixing and have lots of cute outfits. So go to Four seasons one wardrobe and see for yourself! 


  1. Love the specs!

    And these pants are the type of pants where I say back view be damned. They are so unique and fun I would want them in my closet! The other pants are also fantastic, love the prints!

  2. Love the self-portrait; I would never have guessed it to be one as you look so natural!

    I am so enjoying your use of COLOR -- the purple looks beautiful on you (as do the specs).

    I have to recuse myself on the pants, though...but keep in mind I have only recently started to (consistently) venture into patterned tops and skirts!

  3. Thank you very much ladies! Maybe I should rethink the harem pants, it does feel like I'm cheating people into thinking I'm dressed when I'm wearing them, incredibly comfortable as they are.

    I'm glad you like the specs, hope you like the others too, though they're very different.

    Yes purple, I saw your purple and blue "collection" Vix, it is so beautiful! The capsules you do are very inspiring.

    The photo was a lucky strike, but seing the photos my daughter has taken in the last two days I will have to try myself again!

    About pattern: Maybe one gets addicted to it along the way? I like texture, pattern or shine ( I have owned lots of lurex knits!), I only find it difficult to combine with beginning wrinkles!

    Anyway, thanks to both of you, it was great to get comments, and a follower!