Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dress your best after dark

Thursday night we had the traditional midsummer night's party with a bonfire. As usual it was cold and windy, not good for showing curves or cleavage. The colours I chose weren't as bold as I would have liked looking at the photo now. At least I didn't have to wear wellies! The dog is my Alaskan Malamute named Congo.

Friday morning was last day before summer holiday at my daughter's school so we had breakfast with her class mates and their families, another tradition. For that I wore my favorite grey dress. Without showing much skin it shows off the bust very nicely. The length of the sleeves are just allowing a few bracelets.

In the evening we all (still the families from my daughter's school class) went to see an open air play. Unfortunately I forgot my phone and thereby the camera at home. With all the panic searching for it I forgot to have my photo taken while there was still proper light for it. After the play - at 10:30 - my husband took the photo that still shows the colours I was wearing. I was practically glowing in the dark!

Again it was cold and very windy so I was wearing leggings underneath my skirt, and could have used warm socks as well!

Then came Saturday morning, and my new trousers! What do you think? Are they too young? Too wildly patterned? I love them and I plan to wear them a lot. In fact they go with so much of my very limited wardrobe that I have ordered an identical pair.

Trousers that fit me are a rare find in this country. To tell the truth I also ordered a pair in a black and white geometric pattern. This way I have doubled the number of trousers in my closet. As for the price it was just around $ 19 a pair.

In the afternoon there was a Ferrari meet up in front of a friend's cafe. The cafe is called Enzo!

Summing it up I think I went overboard on the colours Friday night and the opposite the rest of the time. For the dress your best challenge I did manage to show off a few assets in spite of the extra layers - cardigans and jackets.

As for my style which I have given a lot of thought, I think I fall into the creative category leaning towards the dramatic. Having that established is really important to me. Both to save money when I shop for clothes, and to feel confident and at home in what I wear. So I will be looking for clothes in dramatic colours to mix in a creative way, and see how I feel about that. Not forgetting to smile too!

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