Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My first attempt at a capsule wardrobe

As promissed yesterday I have photos of the items I have selected for a capsule wardrobe. Imogen Lamport suggests the following:

short sleeved top in colour 1
long sleeved top in colour 2
shirt or blouse in colour 2
cardigan in colour 1
waistcoat, neutral
trousers, neutral
dark denim jeans
skirt, neutral
jacket, neutral
dress, neutral
boots, heeled or flat
heeled shoes, nude
flats, nude or in color 1 or 2
bag in colour 2

For the two colours I have chosen blue and purple. Ideally it should be the same blue and purple colour for all items, something to work at. The important thing is that I have given myself a frame to "work" within. New purchases have to "fit in". Some of the photos are from Itunes Stylebook, and they are not the best, but they will have to do!

The long purple cardigan was bought for just this capsule wardrobe, and it is already a favorite. I have ordered a pair of patterned trousers that I really hope will fit me...

With a few more tops it will be complete. For now I'm happy to use my yellow handbag and my orange ballet flats.  And for winter I already have dark purple boots!

The benefits of creating this capsule wardrobe are that I now use the dress, with the cardigan. Before I had problems with the dress because of the missing sleeves. The same goes for the purple top. I have another purple dress, that is currently just hangning in the closet. It does need a bit of alteration. After that it will be fine with the cardigan as well. Had I not bought the cardigan the money for the dresses and the top would have been waisted. So for one new item I get three other items... A bargain!

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