Friday, 30 September 2011

3 kinds of wild spots

First of all: Thank you to everyone for your nice comments. Apparently there's something wrong with the "followers" button, I'll have a look at it in the next few days.

During this week I have been very busy and stressed. My studies are taking up all my time these days. That is until today. Because today I went to see a new hairdresser, and had a haircut! The old one was so awful with so many mistakes that the new haircut can't quite hide it. But in three months time it will be better, Susanne promised.

As for my outfit it's all accidental. I had placed the top on my table to put it away later, next to the jewellery that I was considering getting rid of. On the chair by the table I had hung the trousers to dry. I just liked the combination of the different sized similar patterns, both reminding me of my snakeskin purse. Getting dressed in it I liked the way it looked, and how comfortable I felt. And it worked perfectly in the SUMMER heat in Copenhagen. For the season we are experiencing the best weather in years, and I love it!

The close up is actually me having trouble setting the timer on the camera! As for the patterns, well, the purse is snake skin, the trousers look like a bleached cheetah print, and the top, maybe a shrunken bleached cheetah? Something wildlife...

Last weekend the whole family went to the christening of my cousins daughter. Here's how I looked.

My daughter took the first two photos, my husband the last. I think the skirt is too long, although it did look fine with my boots the week before last. Maybe I shall keep the length for this coming winter.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the village I grew up in, for a school reunion. I'm very excited, and a bit nervous too. What to wear? We did a reunion a couple of years ago. Some of us were slightly over dressed, but I prefer that to being under dressed (I hope it's the right expression - I'm NOT talking about half nude people, you know!). However, I think I looked older then than I do today. Since I started this blog most of my wardrobe has changed. Like my hair colour and the style. I have planned to wear my navy pencil skirt with one of the new cobalt ruched tops (an outfit that actually is so much more 50's than 40's Vix!) paired with turquoise tights and red suede low heeled shoes. And of course there'll be photos! Anyway, have a great weekend all of you!

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