Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sometimes having a dream come true can be a punishment or reviewing the knitted, blue H&M dress

First have a look at the dress as presented by H&M:

It looks as if there's a bit of a shape to it, like it's a tight fit. Now look at me wearing it:

Only on rare occasions does the sun come out these days, so it took me by surprise!

Now, I don't see nearly as much shape on this dress as the photo suggests! The backside is especially problematic. It's so disappointing since I love the colour and the quality seemed really good. It could be that I should go down a size, but I suspect that it will be too tight over the bust. The blue tops however, were an instant hit:

Only minutes after this photo was taken it started raining so I had to change my shoes. Suede and rain is a bad mix. I'm so happy that my top has a twin, then I get to wear it again tomorrow! And tomorrow I have something special lined up!

The weather is always changing in this country, and yesterday was dark and gloomy. Quite the opposite of today. My outfit was a perfect match, unintended though.

For some reason I hardly ever remember my handbag on the photos. But yesterday I was a bit more awake than usual, so enjoy!


  1. You were so right about your new blue top and my blue dress being much alike -- and this and the pink twin do look great on you!

    Since I've been (silently, sorry!) enjoying so many of your recent blue/teal/green numbers, I too am disappointed in the fit of the H&M dress.

    It does look too big across the shoulders as well as the other issues, so maybe your instinct to try a size down is a good one. I hear you on the risk of that being too tight across the chest, though. RTW is so often not our friend...but IMO you deserve better than this fit. Deep blue is shaping up to be big for fall, so I'd hang on for "your" dress.

  2. Thank you so much Vix! As soon as I have the time I will go and try the dress a size smaller. Inspired by your latest post I'm doing a mermaid theme in my next post! Not only did I wear blue, but I was lucky enough to have a perfect blue sky too and... Well have a look!