Monday, 19 September 2011

Purple trousers remixed

A short post, showing my new trousers, worn twice within the same week. As I've bought them from an Internet shop I had no idea how they would fit. They are not perfect, but I have given up in that a long time ago. My body is just too feminine for trousers! However the Scandinavian climate calls for trousers so...

The first pictures are from last Thursday, when the weather was cold

These next three pictures are from today, with sunshine and higher temperatures.

It's also my Dress your best Monday, and today I'm focusing on my skin. Being in my late forties with no real wrinkles I consider myself very lucky in spite of all the other problems I have with my skin. I think the deep v-neck top does a good job even without any jewellery.

Today is also my first go at a monochrome outfit. I don't know if it makes me look any slimmer or taller, but my dog seems to like it!

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