Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pink and purple on top

Finally my new plum/purple replacement cardigan came. The old silk one looked like this:

The colour on the new one is almost the same, and that's where the matching stops. I have seen Sally from Already Pretty wear this type of cropped cardigan many times, and it always looks really great. Now her body shape if very different to mine so I was unsure weather I could wear it or not. But here's the result:

I like it! Next time I'll try it with my pink pencil skirt. I'm also considering buying a duplicate. It's not a colour that often comes into fashion so it has taken me years to find this. Speaking of duplicates:

In my blue and purple capsule wardrobe I have a light blue version of this. Every time I put it on it has surprised me has well it enhances my waist and bust, and diminishes my stomach. A miracle to me. And a few days ago I see that now it comes in this cobalt blue, that is one of my favorite colours. So, I immediately ordered two! Since they are from H&M they are very affordable, and I hope they will continue this style in even more colours.


  1. Tine, I love your new bolero and I think it looks great on you! I also go for more than one if I really really like the cut of something, especially if it makes me feel slim. So go for it sister! Bästa hälsningar, Anna

  2. Sorry I didn't see your comment before, but thanks! I'll order one right away!

  3. Would you believe it, it's already sold out in all sizes except XS!!!

  4. I am sad to hear that! I would not had mind to buy one as well.