Thursday, 8 September 2011

The hairdresser dilemma

On most of the photos during this summer my hair has looked awful. Last time I had a haircut it turned out all wrong.

The problem is that my hairdresser is a very sweet woman, living next door to us. The rest of the family is happy to use her. But their hair is very different to mine which is typical Scandinavian hair, baby fine and rather sparse. On top of that it's naturally curly. Only once as an adult have I had a hairdresser that I was happy with. She got married and moved to a foreign country, and broke my heart!

How do you tell a nice hairdresser that you're unhappy with the result? Should I just go to someone else and not take the issue up with her? I can't find any nice way to do it. But I will be cut by someone else next time!

The photo from this morning:

I did mean to wear a pink top, but it was still damp this morning. After I got my new laptop I'm having trouble finding a proper bag. I'm borrowing one from a friend at the moment, and it's not pretty! That's why I'm empty handed on all the photos.

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