Monday, 12 September 2011

Dress your best day!

Today I'm trying to highlight my back side. I like my silhouette seen from the back, and discovered earlier that this exact outfit fits me in a way that I like. Have a look:

Last night I remembered an old silver cuff that I could wear. All work at school is carried out on the computer, and being 40 pupils in our class makes it unbearable if we all start wearing clanking bangles. Well, all the girls! Only thing is, I didn't have time to polish it so it's very dull.

Some days ago I discovered another blog: Mis Papelicos.  She is not as young as the average blogger, but certainly more colourful than most! And always very elegant too. Do have a look for yourself. What I especially loved was her Klein blue outfit from 27th. of September 2010. So much that I had to get myself a blue dress, matching my blue suede shoes. If the dress fits the only thing missing is a pair of tights. As usual the dress is ordered online from H&M, and it looks like this:

These are the shoes that hopefully will go with it:

I am planning to do other monochrome outfits as it creates a column of colour that in theory elongates the body... I'll let you know if it works.

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