Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jeans and a tweed jacket

For some reason I've forgotten how I look in jeans. Today's photo emphasizes (at least to me) that jeans are not for my body! It could be that I can't find any that really fit well. The jacket however is one of my favorites. It's been customized with black and silver brocade trimmings, all sewn by hand.

I had a photo taken from the back as well, but it was so horrible that I can't bring myself to add it to the post! Instead you can have a closer look at the jacket!

So if  I don't wear jeans what do I wear? These days I have four different pairs of patterned trousers in my wardrobe. That's not a lot. And the Scandinavian climate just calls for trousers. I don't know where to turn to. Lately I have returned many pairs of trousers bought on the internet, it's getting frustating.

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