Monday, 4 February 2013

Denim with style and a visible dress

Yesterday's theme on  Imogen Lamport's Inside Out Styleblog's Fabruary Challenge was "Denim with style". As it was Sunday I didn't have any plans, other than to relax and get a few things from the grocery store. So I decided to focus on my outdoor appearance for the challenge:

A somewhat sunny Sunday

Since it's way too cold for my beloved old Denim jacket, my only denim choice were my jeans. I added my nearly warm enough woolen jacket, a quite new silk scarf, a designer handbag and soft, purple leather gloves.

Of course I brought my stylish dog as well! Afterwards he was very exhausted - or maybe just tired of being asked to pose for his mom's photos.

How long is this going to take?

The dark and mid purple with the lemon yellow is a fantastic, contrasting colour combination. I can't get enough of it, so here's another photo!

Purple, purple and yellow - yummi!

Today's challenge is to wear a dress - some would say that isn't a challenge for me. But our winter weather is unpredictable, and although temperatures were above freezing, it was raining and very windy. So, to fight off the chill I decided to wear some hot Monday colours:

My husband is home, and being slightly naughty!

It's the not so new and trusted CC dress, that has appeared a few times on the blog now. It's the first time it's been seen with teal accessories, so I'm remixing here. On a Monday!

The accessories:

Teal, turquoise and gold, and "warning sign yellow"

Usually I'm alone when I take my photos, but today my husband was home. Can you imagine the fun he had disturbing me? Only a few usable photos, and lots where I'm moving.

New lipstick, see?

I wanted to take a close up of my new lipstick, but it'll have to be some other day. He couldn't resist making me laugh too much so I couldn't stand still enough! Instead you can have another look at my almost new silk scarf!

No make up since it's Sunday!

My skin is quite problematic, so I like to give it a rest from make up in the weekend, if possible. Sorry for not warning you! But the scarf is fantastic - smooth, heavy silk, I love it!

It's been a great Monday, even though every train and bus was delayed today, leaving me waiting in the cold, and getting too late to work. And now it's at it's end, with only one thing left to do - linking up to Visible Monday at the very elegant Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog, this is the one thing that I'd hate to miss on a Monday! Please go and have a look at all the gorgeously visible ladies!

Take care everyone, and enjoy your week, no matter the temperature!