Thursday, 7 February 2013

More FABruary challenges - belt/jacket/red lips

Does it sound challenging to wear a belt? For most women: No, but for me: Yes! Why? A: I don't have a belt, B: My waist is so short there isn't space for a belt!

Did I give up? No, I put on one of the few dresses I have with a draw string. Is that cheating? Maybe, but it was the best I could come up with.

Isn't a draw string a sort of belt?

I'm wearing all old items here, except for the necklace. It's a sale item from Sweden. The brand is Indiska, a place where the stylish and gorgeous Anna from Four Seasons One Wardrobe also shops every now and then.

Bone and wood necklace

The necklace is made of bone and wood, or was it horn and wood? I do like the rustic style and the smooth shape. A great find at less than £ 5/ $ 8 / 49,- Skr. / 49,- Dkr. / 7 Euro / ?

The belt challenge was a tough one - so I was glad to wear a jacket the next day, as the much easier challenge of the day.

Amazing how the new scarf goes with so much!

Usually I wear knits as an extra layer in winter. Jackets seem too heavy under a coat. Yesterday's challenge proved me wrong.

 It wasn't uncomfortable under the coat, and it was just as warm as a cardigan or a sweater. Of course it was totally office appropriate too, if anyone cares about that anymore!

Am I becoming too matchy-matchy?

Today the challenge was Red Lips - was that a challenge for me, at all, one might ask. Not really, no.

If you want to know, the lipstick is Ruby Woo by MAC. I've worn it often lately, it's definitely a favorite!

The Red lips challenge

Since the weather is really rotten again, I wore jeans two days in a row - and I might do a third day tomorrow!

I did pair my jeans with something completely different today - a cream lace top! It's fantastic soft and warm, so perfect on a cold day!

Silk, lace and red lips, very feminine in jeans!

As an extra layer I'm wearing my almost new silk scarf. I think the pale colours were perfect since they didn't compete with the lipstick.

Strange hair, I know!

Both my husband and I were late home from work, so we went out for sushi, which made our daughter jump with joy. It's so easy to be a good parent!

I would have liked to write a longer piece on the recent rape stories from India and South Africa. I'm so horrified by the fact that some men think it's okay to sexually mutilate and murder women.

I can't imagine any mother raising her son to become such a type of man, yet some men end up just like that.

What sort of life do these men have? Are they married? Do they have children? How do they raise their own children? How do they treat their parents? Do they have jobs? Are they educated?

The recent stories are what every mother fears - both how her daughter could end up, but also how her son could turn out.

Enough of the heavy stuff - If you want to take a look at the FABruary challenges ahead, head over to Imogen Lamport's Inside Out Styleblog.

See you all soon - have a happy Friday!