Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fun with scarves and girls

 Val Sparkle has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you very much Val, that's so sweet of you. I'll get back to the award in my next post.

The badge

Although my daughter is 13 years old now, I'm still seeing my old mother's group. We've all been great friends since the day we met.

 For our 10-year anniversary we all went to Barcelona for a week, just the mothers! Yesterday we met up at Bente's, and I wore a new, gorgeous CC dress, and a scarf that was the challenge of the day in the FABruary Style Challenge.

Too matchy?

The fit of this dress is just incredible! I'm becoming addicted to these dresses - good thing they're on sale! The scarf is maybe matching too well, it's hardly noticeable at all!

We all had a great time with lots of laughs and too much fantastic food! I'm so thankful for these girls and the network we've created amongst us.

The others are a bit camera shy, so you only get to see me!

Earlier this week the challenges of FABruary Style Challenge were: Lace on Thursday and coloured shoes on Friday. First the lace-outfit.

Don't I look tired?

On Thursday I got up at 4:50 am as usual. I went to work (which takes me 1,5 to 2 hours!), got picked up by my husband and daughter at 4 pm, went to Ikea and got back home at 9 in the evening.

A bit of PicMonkey fun

With a nice layer of snow outside the coloured shoes challenge needed to be twisted into coloured boots. So I got our my dusty purple boots:

Bye bye boots

On the way out of the door I felt something strange in the left boots - like the in-built gel cushion had collapsed - but I ignored it since I was i a hurry. In the evening it turned out I was right. So, bye bye boots!

Purple scarf

In my closet there's only a few purple items, and no warm knits. The scarf is doing a nice job though, matching the boots, and the cream jumper doesn't get as much wear as it deserves.

The jeans are my magic jeans - those that make my legs look way longer than they are!

This photo was taken before work!

I'm also linking up with Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog where so many gorgeous ladies are showing off their creativity in dressing for visibility.

Hopefully I'll make it round to all the fantastic blogs I'm following, to leave comments, but if not - please know that it's not lack of will!

Have a great week everyone & take care!