Friday, 22 February 2013

How to style a yellow jacket that you shouldn't wear!

The FABruary Style Challenge has resulted in many new outfits, but the most surprising one was yesterday's - Something old Something New.

I immediately knew I wanted to wear my Great Grandmother's necklace, but I hadn't decided what new item to wear.

In my closet I had this jacket that I bought on sale last summer, and never worn... I took some courage you see!

Very bright and very yellow!

This is by far the brightest and most colourful outfit I've ever worn, and I can't wait to wear this mad jacket again!

Even though yellow isn't my best colour I think it works with the navy dress because the colour is next to my face.

 Another possibility was wearing a colourful scarf in a "good" colour around my neck.

How else would you style this jacket?

The sleeves have permanent gatherings that makes it hell to iron it - I may remove them, although I like the effect on my arms (leaving a fair amount of space for an arm party!).

The party

The jacket isn't really that fitted, so I'm considering taking it to the tailor and see what he if he can change that  (and possibly deal with the sleeves as well).

You haven't seen the last of this jacket!

Earrings were Monday's challenge. You've never seen me wear earrings! I do have a few. However I always think my face becomes "crowded" when I'm wearing glasses too...

The crowded face

Maybe it's just me, but I came up with another solution just the same!

Now crowded neckline

They're cute as little brooches, an idea that I'll try to remember. Best with clip on style! Do you think this is cheating?  Or did I wear earrings?

The rest of the outfit:

Just a plain jeans outfit

And a close up of the "jewels":

Next time earrings on shoes?

On Wednesday it was my husband's birthday, and the challenge of the day was Boots. I wear boots every day all winter - the real challenge here is to still like your boots afterwards!

The temperature was well below freezing (it still is!) so I wore my warmer ones, along with a festive summer dress and white skinny jeans!

Clingy dress

Because of the temperature the dress became static electric and kept clinging to the jeans, which in turn became more and more loose so I had to pull them up all the time.

Multi tasking

My mother called while I was taking my photos, and with dinner preparations waiting I didn't have time to call her later. I guess you can say she has appeared on the blog too!

Bali Moonstone

The pendant is a large Moonstone, and it usually gives beautiful blue flashes, but that's so hard to catch on camera. Maybe next time?

Finally here's today's outfit - which is my answer to the Animal Print challenge:

Just trying to stay warm!

Apart from the dress I'm also wearing a knitted cardigan, grey jeggings, a heavy scarf, boots - and outdoors, my magenta wool coat and lined leather gloves.

With -6 degrees Celsius (low 20's Fahrenheit) and a bit of wind it's so hard to stay warm. I didn't add thermal underwear today, which I should have!

My brain has most likely frozen, all I can think of is spring, sunshine and Spain! That's why I'm wearing those same bangles again today!

A neutral outfit, who would have thought?

This is such a long post, but there just wasn't time during the week. Tomorrow my daughter and I have arranged a surprise party for my husband - just the closest family. Hopefully we'll get some good shots of the table.

On Sunday I also plan to do a post about the Liebster Award - so stay tuned!

Will this dress ever see tights again?

And on that bombshell I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend! (Too much Top Gear)